2016-09-01 05:00:00
Celebration and Exhibition of Ethiopian Cultural Biodiversity was held in Maichew
Cultural Biodiversity (CB) program is implemented in partnership with environment clubs in 24 public schools, at least one from each regional state. Side-by-side with formal classroom learning, with which students have are engaged over their school years, the CB program has created an opportunity to promote the transfer of knowledge and practices through the traditionally established system of ¡°learning by doing¡± in the school compounds and through field experiences.
2015-10-12 05:00:00
Green Action Week (GAW) Campaign 2015
Green Action Week is a global campaign intended to raise consumer awareness of the environmental impact of consumption, promote sustainable consumption by encouraging farming communities to produce ecological organic produce, and create awareness on the benefits of organic food and farming, in order to obtain sustainable food. Green Action Week offers stakeholders the opportunity of inter-collaboration to strengthen each other¡¯s activities. It also provides a platform to exchange experiences and inspire each other regarding methods and strategies that deliver positive results. The 2015 Green Action Week Campaign was held under the theme ¡°Organic Food for All¡± ¨C a call for farmers, consumers and all relevant stakeholders to play their part in promoting the production and consumption of organic food. ISD organized the campaign in three places between September and October 2015, i.e. Holeta (Oromia Region), Haik, in Southern Wollo (Amhara Region), and Axum (Tigray Region). Campaign participants included farmers, vegetable producers, representatives of school communities, university students, agricultural experts, and woreda and kebele administrators and ISD staff.
2015-06-22 00:00:00
ISD conducted a plenary assessment on Farmer Training Centers (FTC)
ISD Information and communication(IC) project conducted a plenary assessment on Farmer Training Centers (FTC) to establish resource centres equip them that enable farmers to get more information about EOA (Ecological Organic Agriculture) through information and communication materials. Based on this ISD, IC members visited and assessed FTCs in Tigray and Amhara region from May3-15, 2015. So far we visited Tahitay Maichew wereda, Mayberaziyo kebele FTC, Endaba Bruck elementary school and the Wukero Maray high school to strengthen the schools¡¯ mini media activities. We also went to AbiyAdi town of KolaTenbein discussed with Tadele Mammo, in charge of the agriculture extension office, and visited 2 FTCs in the wereda, Menji and Tabote Giorgis, about 16km from the town, and 1 FTC in Tankua Abergele wereda, Shehatekel tabia. The other place visited was Abereha we Atsbaha FTC IT centre established and equipped by Mekelle University. The university calls it ¡°Knowledge Management Centre¡±. It is equipped by around 20 desktop computers, TV, DVD, and also camera. The centre has an IT teacher and high school students use it as a library and get computer training regularly. On the other hand we visited Werebabo wereda, Southern Wollo, agriculture office to assess one FTC. The FTCs assessment activity was fruitful and successful.









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